• rainbow nomads
    Ed at Go West Travel is an Aussie Specialist (and also a New Zeland Gold Specialist)- As a truly independant agency, Booking with Ed allows total freedom to mix and match all deals and build the perfect trip for you.
  • Tahiti Anyone?
    On Wednesday, I sat down to Zoom with Caroline Brunel from Tahiti Tourisme. I have only sent a few people to Tahiti, so it was a great session to brush up my knowledge… fancy that a place I have not visited (yet). I am very impressed with their governments approach to health protocols including -ive tests prior to travel, contact tracing, and auto-testing 4 days after arrival, and so far this has helped them open up in the covid paradigm. (Open since July)
  • introducing The Tasman, a Luxury Collection Hotel
    Be Captivated by Hobart’s New Luxury HotelGo West Travel is a Marriott direct agent, you get the best rates, best deals and frequent guest rewards 
  • Friday Night ‘work drinks’ at GWT
    Go West Travel is weathering the Covid-19 storm, and made it to another Friday with some semblance of achievement, so to reward the staff, a Zoom live performance from Eds favourite live theatre in Melbournce, Chapel off Chapel in Prahran (pronounced Praann)
  • calling all Kiwis
    This is a competition, My friends at Only Marlborough have an email newsletter, and I thought I would share it with you, no catches- Please note this is not a Go West Travel promotion, its just me passing on an opportunity for a flutter… register with Only Marlborough Here (takes…
  • the gorgeous Angelo…
    when I was in Rome in 2013, I met Angelo, who took Sam and I on a wonderful tour of the Vatican city and St Peters Cathedral
  • I am a direct agent with Marriott
    Right price on the shelf, flexible rates and BEST PRICE guaranteed. Go West Travel is a Marriott direct agent, you get the best rates, best deals and frequent guest rewards 
  • A wee special drop of Gin
    IN 2019 Ed found the roots Dry Gin, One of the ‘cellar doors’ introduced me to a Whiskey and Gin bar, where I found these made locally – great experiences and awesome gifts to be found in Marlborough.
  • #protip from Ed
    Jet lag occurs when the brain cells that regulate our circadian rhythms—which serve as our bodies’ master clock telling us when to wake up, eat or sleep—are out of sync with the time zone we are in,
  • visiting Uluru, a snapshot of the seasons
  • Roma ~ la città dell’ospitalità
    la città dell’ospitalità – I truly believe that the millenia of hosting visitors underlies Romes beautiful vibe and true hospitality. Facebook memories are keeping me happy and during lockdown I actually have time to remember why I love certain places, like this stunning hotel in the heart of Rome, but…
  • takara waranta ~ walk with us
    an informative way to see Tasmania is to walk with the locals, and the Bay of Fires walk with ‘wukalina walk’ is a really cool way to find out about Tasmania, First nations history and also experience an incredible hospitality.
  • iconic walks in our own back yard
    Book a great walk of Australia with Go West Travel for deals and expertise. these sustainable, environmentally friendly and low impact holidays have a strong commitment to conservation. Guided walks with small groups and exclusive eco-luxury accommodation will become more popular within our own tourism market, and I think this sort of trip should be on many bucketlists
  • exquisite winery experiences
    embark on a journey full of local flavours, showcasing the best of the Barossa, Adelaide Hills and McLaren wine regions. This culinary discovery will connect you to the makers, growers and passionate owners of South Australia’s food scene.
  • eds hotel fave #1
    this is post number 1 in Eds Fave hotels series, and is a hotel I personally know… 725 Continental Buenos Aires, Argentina I last stayed here in August 2019 and it is still one of my favourite hotels in the beautiful ‘Paris of the South’ that is Buenos Aires. the…
  • did you know…
    Arrive at the stage door of the Sydney Opera House at 6pm sharp for the experience of a lifetime – Opera Australia: Star at the Sydney Opera House. First, the Main Rehearsal Room for a briefing on your role with the Assistant Director or Stage Manager. Then on to the Dressing Room, wigs, make-up, an official photograph and then onto the stage for your Sydney Opera House debut.
  • Full-On Turrell (@MONA)
    Post Pit, Mona Roma and James Turrell artwork, this is an experience to consider.
  • a city in ISOlation
    photos that Ed from Go West Travel has taken of his vibrant city~home~neighbourhood
  • such a unique way to see art (@MONA)
    a unique way to see MONA in Tasmania. A quirky labyrinth full of wonder. It is one of Eds favourite gallery on the planet.
  • tell your own story in 2021
    … Ed has looked at where people are looking for their next overseas trip, bring on 2021 I say