Love, Connection, Purpose, Hope

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In October I attended one of my favourite business coach online sessions. Tracey at Directional Tourism works with predominantly Kiwi tourism and her years of experience across the Tasman markets makes her an excellent business coach.

Commitment, Courage, Capability and Confidence.

“purpose is one of the drivers of life…..”

Doug Avery – 22 October – Facebook Live with Directional Tourism

Tracey was chatting with Doug Avery, a southland farmer known for his book the Resilient Farmer and his views on dealing with change, challenges and how to face something like the Covid challenges. One of the key take aways for me is his simple conversation about the 4 C’s most people talk about waiting until we have Confidence – or maybe Capability to make a change, or work on a new idea

During Covid-19 downturn, I am also asking “what can you do to re-engage your friends that are struggling at present?” And looking for ways to inspire others. One idea is to watch Traceys facebook live session with Doug here, even if you are not in tourism, this frank, open and honest chat inspired me. It could help you put thoughts in order if you are wondering what the post covid world means to your business.

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