tell your own story in 2021

while all of us are under some type of restrictions, I decided to find out the where ‘we’ are looking.

a recent dive into where travellers are looking, researching (and for some countries booking!) there are some trends from the past few months based on where people are looking…, and the winners are;

Italy, Japan, Iceland, Greece and Egypt!

It’s been an interesting few weeks: NASA’s Perseverance Rover is en route to Mars, Elon Musk reckons computers will connect with our brains very soon, and meanwhile dusting off our Aussie bucket list has become the real option for wanderlust, and we’re never had our houses and gardens looking so good. Though you’re currently adventuring close to home, I’m still thinking about both domestic and international adventures to come – keep an eye on my news feeds as I dive into some major travel inspiration for 2021. #edsbucketlist #edsbucketlist

In 2021, I will be visiting the fabulous Dark MOFO festival in Hobart, a delicious event with sublime gate-to-plate and artisanal offerings, paired with intense art and thought provoking art installations,… ( the year I was last there an artist buried himself under the main road for a few days… inspiring when I looked into the bigger message) . For any other time visiting, there is always the amazing Mona Gallery, in itself a piece of work, the cavernous bunker that literally turns architecture upside down is just a start.

2 thoughts on “tell your own story in 2021

  1. Ed

    The Vespa Tour in Rome is with my favourite tour guide company in Itlay. I have done many tour with them (including some ‘secret shopper’ reccys) and while tours are a dime-a-dozen in big cities, the benefit of a super engaged guide that loves the city adds more than can be valued in €. My last guide was a fair dinkum archaeologist who guided in her spare time to show Joe Bloggs the secrets of the city. I just cannot express the value of a well connected and passionate guide, here in the Eternal city or anywhere.

  2. Ed

    Just saw feedback from a customer booked to Egypt,,, “Wow, 4 years ago, a place I definitely want to visit again. (Must add to my own #Bucketlist)

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