Tahiti Anyone?


Tahiti hopes to be open to New Zealand in March 2021

On Wednesday, I sat down to Zoom with Caroline Brunel from Tahiti Tourisme. I have only sent a few people to Tahiti, so it was a great session to brush up my knowledge… fancy that a place I have not visited (yet).
I am very impressed with their governments approach to health protocols including -ive tests prior to travel, contact tracing, and auto-testing 4 days after arrival, and so far this has helped them open up in the covid paradigm. (Open since July)

Why to to Tahiti, ‘TAHITI LOOKS NICE’ (this is their headline, not mine- subtle right!)
one of the noticeable differences meeting with Caroline and the Air Tahiti Nui team was an understated attitude, these people exude hospitality and island honesty. I am hoping to get there in 2021 or 2022….