such a unique way to see art (@MONA)

Mona's Pharos wing, featuring Unseen Seen, 2017

with all the extra time in the office, I have been getting to know new Aus experiences but also looking in more detail at some old faves. You’ve probably seen a few posts about the fabulous but quirky Museum of Old and New Art (M O N A) in Hobart.

Image used with permission MONA | Artist: James Turrell | Photo Credit: MONA/Jesse Hunniford | Image courtesy of the artist and MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Look into the ‘rockstar afternoon’, (of questionable art, booze & food)

this is for visitors looking for something a bit more than just rock up and buy a ticket and gawk…

Go West Bonus – for customers booking with Go West Travel, I will provide each booking with $80 gift card to spend at the quirky gift shop. You must book direct with Go West Travel for this offer.

I partner with Cultural Attractions of Australia, and while this is not for all, this is a high-end experience that is within reach of more normal budgets. – Starting from Hobart you rock up to the Mona Roma (ferry) and in true Mona Style start with an absinthe-heavy cocktail on arrival at the Labyrinth. The package includes an excessive, three-course feast by executive chef Vince Trim. There are fancy wines, too, delivered to your mouth from Mona’s wine bunker.


Posh Pit ferry ticket, museum entry, cocktail, bubbles at the Moorilla Wine Bar, Faro Bar and Restaurant three- course feast (with matched wine), and exclusive entry to Event Horizon (or Unseen Seen / Weight of Darkness for groups of two).


Full terms and conditions will be provided during the booking process or upon request, but essentially minimum booking is 2 people, and can be booked anytime to 31DEC2021 and can be booked solo or as part of a package.

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