#protip from Ed

Ed at Retro Espresso, AKL airport

So, I know that there are many many articles out on the web that advise on how to deal with jetlag.. this is NOT an informative article! Its just my way of dealing with it…

Jet lag occurs when the brain cells that regulate our circadian rhythms—which serve as our bodies’ master clock telling us when to wake up, eat or sleep—are out of sync with the time zone we are in, 

What do I do? I just give up and dont try! Seriously….

my travel plans take me from Auckland to Walbrych (Poland), and many places in between ~ but after I tried many plans of attack, I got to the point of not even TRYING to combat jetlag.

Eds plan of action…

  • just sleep when I am tired (1)
  • wake when I do (2)

1- I do try to push beyond sleepiness, but for the first few days I don’t plan any night time tours or shows IN THE FIRST coupe of days, to allow me to retire as soon as I am exhausted.

2- when I wake up early, like 4am or 5am, I take the opportunity to do an early morning walk in the neighbourhood. Seeing farmers in Sienna starting their days, vintners in Orange tending the vines, or the newstand sellers in Buenos Aires setting up for the day really helps to understand vibrant and foreign cities ‘inner workings’
Of course as Go West Travel never really takes a day off, early morning is a great time to catch up on emails, accounting bookwork and the like.

My advice (not that many ask) is just to treat the Jetlag as part of the journy and just make use of waking hours to get to see the city or place you are visiting….