calling all Kiwis

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This is a competition, My friends at Only Marlborough have an email newsletter, and I thought I would share it with you, no catches- Please note this is not a Go West Travel promotion, its just me passing on an opportunity for a flutter…

  • register with Only Marlborough Here (takes you to the official page for the regional tourism office)
  • Its free to register and a great package including retrun flights from Auckland

They Write – Visit Marlborough’s adventure playground which we are lucky enough to call our backyard! There are many activities to experience; scenic bush walks, water activities such as kayaking, swimming, boating, fishing and diving, hidden gems to explore and delicious food and wine to try! So come and dig deeper into our idyllic backyard! 

One thought on “calling all Kiwis

  1. Ed

    So, I LOVE This part of Aotearoa/New Zealand. I have been many times now, and found the beautiful little Nelson a great place to hang out. I think it has a title of being the sunniest place in NZ, AND it is also the geographic CENTRE of the country. (there is a hiking track with an Awesome view atop a mountain that is almost exactly middle of middle earth!)

    Then there is stunning Blenheim, with the war museum and regular flying of the old planes. Plus Winerys of course. My favourite is Bladen Wines in Renwick. If you plan to go, get in touch with me for an awesome itinerary.

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