ed law @ Go West Travel

I love travel, I know the lay of the land so to speak, and I am always operating with your best interests at heart.
I was looking at a website the other day, about travel offers in Kenya, and realised that one of the main things I wanted to know, was ‘About’ the company. I then realised I should have something on my own website, particularly for people that have been referred to me, and who other than a glowing review from a friend, I am essentially a stranger.

Who Am I
a forty-something from Melbourne I inherited a love of travel from my Mum who has been travelling the world as part of life experience. I have lived in some varied and wonderful places, including a few years living in Malta in the Mediteranean, inner and outer suburbs of some great Aussie cities, and even a ‘summer on the beack’ at Thirroul which is part of greater Wollongong.

Where do I live now

I am based in Melbounre city, with a lovely high rise apartment looking over the oldest park in Melbouren (Flagstaff Gardens)

What do I love the most about it

The city has a vibrant ‘CBD’ community, with a big residental footprint overlayed above and amongst the businesses. This means the city is lively and acessible 24/7 with loads of services, a neighbourly feel ( I know all my neighbours, not just on my floor, but also many in the building and even more in other buildings in my street— somehting that I have not expereinced in other big city high density living. This makes life here feel very much ‘community’

Why do I run a travel business, surely the age of the agent has passed?

It is true the more and more people have easily accessible ways to get travel products, and while many people have told me they’d never use an agent, there are still plenty of people out there that … the best thing is when my customers understand that I am not about selling a product to them, but rather that I get to know them over time and know how to sift out spam and still know all the hot stuff. Also there is something to be said for a experienced ear to run ideas past.